Collaboration and Service

We collaborate with many researchers both domestically and internationally including OSU, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Scripps Research Institute, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill and Wilmington), University of Florida, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School, UCLA, University of Alberta in Canada, Philipps-University Marburg in Germany and more, as well as with several companies.

We provide the following delivery-enabled PMOs through collaboration on grants, contracts, and/or fee for service.
  1. Peptide-conjugated Morpholino oligos (PPMOs). PPMOs are effective reagents to study gene functions and are currently in clinical trials. We conjugate many peptides to PMOs using various conjugation chemistries.
  2. Small molecule ligand-conjugated PMOs. Ligand and receptor interaction permits tissue-specific delivery of PMOs.
Please contact us for any questions regarding services and/or collaboration. Let's work together!